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A Collection of Random Shit


Lyrics - Out of the Hole (While Digging Another)

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 25 January 2015 · 95 views

Another new song. Enjoy.
Out of the Hole (While Digging Another)
There's no more hope in the light of the world
I've sat here long enough with this warm feeling
I've no more wonders in the life of the mold
This chair is collecting shreds of whatever I fear
You're the main goal of the stock market machine
but I can't pay for you anymor...


Lyrics - Void

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 06 January 2015 · 100 views

New Lyrics. Enjoy.
A lonely desert of false hopes
embroided along the walls of a second wave
Dancing along the spiral tower tropes
Sewn among a monetary cave
The melting lover of our dreams
Unreal expectations of our fantasy gleams
Looked down upon the moon on stilts
encompassing brick guards of worded hilts


Lyrics - Globehead

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 24 December 2014 · 134 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
All has changed
In an empty space
A dim, dark glow
The peculiar show
In the wall
of no escape
The villain hides
in front of your eyes
A dark corridor
where you can't hear much more
The far recesses
of your mind where they occupy the score
In a room
abandoned café
They remove what...


Lyrics - Another Walk

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 19 December 2014 · 157 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Another Walk
For one last night
I was hoping that
you would finally be sure
You're always so
Indecisive and
can say nothing more
So let me take you another time
Blank faces when we were in our prime
Moral airwaves and vibrations
glowing lights and your temptations
One more night and I cannot li...


Lyrics - Down At The Coffee Shop

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 06 December 2014 · 142 views

New lyrics! Most of the following are going to be a sort-of different style; gonna be more lighthearted, I suppose. Enjoy!
Down At The Coffee Shop
In a world where
there is
no one like you
A wonder
in a
space untrue
in a
plaza unlike
over the
counter alike
Meeting at
a haven of
people under
everything w...


Lyrics - Everybody Changes (Including Me)

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 01 December 2014 · 201 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Everybody Changes (Including Me)
If this is what has become of me
A line of sight against the end
A transition holding me up, out to sea
Pins of regret, you can't comprehend
Everybody changes, including me
It may not be what you want
But it's a burden I carry
You live for me when I can't
And now I'll take it...


Lyrics - It Goes Both Ways

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 02 November 2014 · 180 views

I lied; that one wasn't my last one. Gotta keep the creative juices flowing. :P Enjoy some new lyrics.
It Goes Both Ways
There's always a reason
For us to act this way
Always a trial
To put forth words to lay
Always saying
to do what I'm told
No identity for the woman
when your desire's gone cold
I need not an answer
for your a...


Lyrics - Concentrated Noise

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 22 October 2014 · 166 views

Some more lyrics. This will probably be my last for a while; this might be one of my favorites, and one of the ones that I relate to the most. Enjoy.
Concentrated Noise
I can see
With rolling eyes of green
A window landscape
Of what we cannot be
A world born anew
As if this could be true
Where we own
The Earth and po...


Lyrics - Inside A Mind

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 08 October 2014 · 174 views

Some new lyrics. Enjoy.
Inside A Mind
Time’s an illusion
And I don’t wanna know
All the things we’ve been
Aren’t moving at all
Go forge on
You’ve done it before
With the sun on the wall
And the moon on the floor
In my presence I want to know, want to know
Keep me in your mind
Your caricatur...


Lyrics - Splitting Paths

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 25 August 2014 · 166 views

A new song, also about something that I've been going through recently.
Splitting Paths
It's hard
to let it out
It's always hard
to change your route
It's hard
to let it out
It's always hard
to change your route
I really don't know
how to tell you this
I can't even write it down
for emphasis
I really don't know
how to te...

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