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A Collection of Random Shit


Lyrics - Long Lost Life

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 21 May 2015 · 33 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.

Long Lost Life

Hold the torch, please
Rise up from beneath
the holy forces in a fraudulent job

Feel the wind on your skin,
as molten waves come rushing in

Where will you be
when you are dead?

"I can't view an end
after I've lost my only friend.
The sirens pierce the scriptures
that bend."

How many more will you kill
through destr...


Lyrics - If Only (Escape)

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 11 May 2015 · 78 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
If Only (Escape)
The dark lights of the city
open up a world of hope and pity
The girl now walks to beats
of heart pumps and steel beam streets
Our story begins at creation...
Night clubs, dance bars, stitch-park sights
sewing up holes from double-decker fights
A brand new world opens up wide
for a flight pat...


Lyrics - Evolution

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 04 May 2015 · 108 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.


A foolish nature, clinging to its wraps
Forgotten fortune, while humanity clasps
A forlorn ruin of what we knew
And it balances on the lies, as they grew.

The girl breathes a cold, soft breath
As she arrives at the station's rebirth and death
The night tires, as the hours evolve away
With cold hands, a ticket passed and fai...


Lyrics - Camp of Heaven/Hell

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 30 April 2015 · 103 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.

Camp of Heaven/Hell

With a pocket foghorn
On a midnight hill
There was a murmur, "Come be born"
With a terrifying shrill
Diluted past all-seeing eyes
From this fucked up town
She hears the voice of a man who defies
As the wind brushed up as a suicide gown

"But now I've changed my ways,
Gone out of town and, well,
Finally reveal motiv...


Lyrics - Travel Alone

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 26 April 2015 · 102 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Travel Alone
I know it's not going to be today;
it never is with you.
You say that we'll flee far away,
but you never have the courage to.
We all know the demons your family has.
Your life and mine, they coincide
but even though you listen, you never speak.
I've made my case and will not hide,
but you've put...


Lyrics - Follow Home

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 20 April 2015 · 134 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Follow Home
You gotta follow home, follow home
Don't welcome the ambiance
of every drug or every pill
Welcome the sober and the ill
We're one of many worlds
while many may say
how cold the night is
Well, y'know that's showbiz
"I'm a character of life
Who knows who I am?"
There's nothing after the end.
It hurt...


Lyrics - Wretch, Dæmon, What Have I Created?

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 16 April 2015 · 107 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Wretch, Dæmon, What Have I Created?
"Oh, oh, oh no
It's creeping up the walls
of my mind, of my soul"
"They taught me to love
through hate up above
and my mind is constructed
my backwards life fronted
by my evil creator."
Arms from golden heroes,
Legs from wicked zeroes
"This is my life!"
Shouted from lu...


Lyrics - Kneel and Steal

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 08 April 2015 · 105 views

More lyrics. Enjoy.

Kneel and Steal

The faith holds a secret
While you're in deep, it
Holds you down

Praying for something
Alluring to nothing
Just kneel down

While you're in the garden
He's reaching for your wallet

"I don't suppose you know
That putting on this show
is a...
fuckin' drag!"

"Putting on this act...
Holding innate tact...
is a....


Lyrics - Ring On, Dream On, Die On

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 03 April 2015 · 157 views

More lyrics. Enjoy.
Ring On, Dream On, Die On
Ring on
The hole of light that you fall into
The wreckage of those past born
Fall away
wake up to the sound of thought decay
Open up, breathe at the surface
Dream on
Carry your burden of hope
They capture and slaughter remnants of you
Fly away
Toward the night of rain and dismay...


Lyrics - My Bell For A Head

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 27 March 2015 · 111 views

More lyrics. Enjoy.

My Bell For A Head

These walls collapse on me
Open the windows
Tell me what you see

Fog in the distance
Suppressing clear sky


The creaking floorboards
ring my head like a bell
I scream aloud,
"Mama, I don't wanna go to Hell!"

This town in the middle of nowhere
The purgatory of thought and faith
The preachers collec...

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