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I don't want your ham

Posted by inthehallwaynow , 16 April 2014 · 82 views

I don’t want your ham
you should have it instead
Ill sleep for hours in the dark
replaying all the words you said
Is this funny?
Is this funny to you?
Is this funny?
I don’t want your ham
Id rather feel nothing
avoid emotions my insides are stuffing
this empty heart feeling 
Is now all that I am
you should have it
have your...


New Billie Joe Drawing

Posted by inthehallwaynow , 03 March 2014 · 184 views

I don't post art on blogs anymore but i thought more people would be interested in a Billie drawing than my usual stuff..maybe.. haha anyway here it is


GDC CHAT...A true story

Posted by inthehallwaynow , in writing 22 December 2013 · 308 views

ill take that as a no
remember the time i fought a gorilla for some gold necklaces?
someone taught a gorilla to use a machete and it tried to chop my hands off when i went for the gold
who teaches a gorilla to use a sword??
Bubba The Butt Blaster
has left the room
everyone leaving


"Your drug is a Heartbreaker" Female Drawing

Posted by inthehallwaynow , in drawing 10 September 2013 · 385 views



let me see again

Posted by inthehallwaynow , in personal, writing 18 June 2013 · 258 views

if you think you're the shit then i guess thats it
theres no time to wonder what they wont admit
attention all broken hearts
we are in the wrong places
curled up and sequestered to darkened cramped spaces 
glossed over never noticed with the greatest of ease
we share the same fate as we fall like dead leaves
ignored by the great 
my heart has a...


I inhaled you and forgot you

Posted by inthehallwaynow , in personal, writing 10 May 2013 · 227 views

Crossing Crossing
steps interrupted one hundred stares
not human nor machine
material heartless soulless erratic
i once dreamt of a place like this
more like a nightmare a fever dream
isn't it great to be a part of something soo plastic and artificial?
its what you've always talked about near open windows
everyone needs some
some take it all for their nee...



Posted by inthehallwaynow , in personal, writing 11 April 2013 · 228 views

Under miles of rain
Drowning blankets in my head
not completely capsized
instead narrowly divided
by the two parts of my brain
the sun is gone
my eyes they burn
everything is stained 

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