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Occupy Reality


Woe to the Vanquished (Short Story)

Posted by Trotsky , 12 June 2015 · 133 views

            Three lunar cycles had passed since the fall of the Highlands; two since the occupiers’ tribunal condemned Cordan to die. By the winter solstice, the designated day of reckoning for the man called deviant, war criminal and heretic, the once proud city of Bryn saw only four hours of daylight. Dust and debris...


Carve Out

Posted by Trotsky , 09 June 2015 · 142 views

Cut this anchor loose!
Deny no longer our birthright.
Break the vicegrip open wide,
Defiant, we will fight!
We are the ones who were meant for this
What we've lost we will reclaim
On the skin of a broken world
We carve our names, carve out our names



Posted by Trotsky , 08 May 2015 · 187 views

Well he's some off-white trash
And his skin is stained
He's got a tattoo
He calls the Mark of Cain
And you can dish it out
'Cuz he will never complain, 
Never complain, never complain.
Says, he says
That he knows, he knows
There's one, one way
Life goes, goes, goes
And it's the subtleties
Of the clothes, clothes, clothes
That let the keen eye...


Yes, it's a Vaping Blog

Posted by Trotsky , 28 April 2015 · 347 views

Don't want to read it then don't, but it's important to me to share the truth about personal vaporizers, more commonly called "e-cigs." Step out of the shadow of ANTZ propaganda (an acronym we use in the vaping community that stands for 'anti-nicotine and tobacco zealots', though maybe 'jihadists' would better describe them if not for the fact it wouldn't...


The Color Red (Lyrics)

Posted by Trotsky , 27 April 2015 · 119 views

The American flag is red, red and red
The indelible stains of the dead
The color red, the flag it turns
The color red, the flag it burns
A blood stained badge over an ice cold heart
You're cursed, you will depart!
State sanctioned death cartel
Cities on the brink of hell
So where are the flag draped coffins
For the victims of your purge?
It's from...


The Nameless

Posted by Trotsky , 23 March 2015 · 118 views

This is our story, frame by frame
The shifting pieces of a game
Controller: We send our prayers
And sacrificial gifts.
Sleeping on the fault lines,
Echoes of our call signs
We balance on the edge
Of an ever-growing rift. 


Suffering (Short Story - TW)

Posted by Trotsky , 21 March 2015 · 178 views

TRIGGER WARNING: This is violent, graphic, and seriously fucked up in so many ways. Although this is complete fiction, proceed with caution.
It is cold inside this cage, but the fondest of memories warm me. It’s been nine years since I lost my sister and eight since I avenged her. I still can hear echoes in my head of the vo...


All or Nothing: The Political Left and Jewish People

Posted by Trotsky , 20 March 2015 · 298 views

My latest opinion column is inspired by the latest thread on Israel's Knesset elections, wherein I express my opinions on anti-Semitic attitudes in politics:
There is a widely circulated notion in the United States and other places these days that there is animosity towards Israel and Jewish folks in general coming predominantly from the left. But...


The Oath (lyrics)

Posted by Trotsky , 14 March 2015 · 137 views

Keep my secrets, I'll keep yours
Take my heart and lock the door
Take my mind, tear down the walls
I'll answer only if you call
I can't tread this road alone
Can't carry you all the way down
Find your strength, walk my way
We'll stand our ground to the end of days
Now swear on your blood in the absence of God
Press to my skin with the heat o...


All or Nothing: Harm Reduction

Posted by Trotsky , 12 March 2015 · 352 views

After the success of my piece against hitting children, this is going to be a series, and it's going to be called All or Nothing. 
Today's subject is harm reduction. This is the principle that people are inevitably going to do things like smoking and drugs no matter what kind of laws we pass or messages we send as a society. It stands in oppos...

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