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Occupy Reality


First They Came

Posted by Trotsky , 28 February 2015 · 92 views

First they came for the violent video games
And I did not speak out because I played online chess instead
Then they came for the adult websites
And I did not speak out because I had a pretty decent sex life
Then they came for the extra large sodas in the cinema
And I did not speak out because I brought in my own drinks from CVS
Then they came for the smok...


The Essential How To Guide: Vol. 1

Posted by Trotsky , 23 February 2015 · 124 views

How to break bad: 
-Paper or plastic? Paper for business, plastic for dead bodies. Never bathtubs. 
-Never discriminate against the elderly. They are not useless, they are in fact potential bombs. 
-Don't ever forget the aluminum. 
How to chess:
-Don't be so obvious about castling, you fucking tool. Not only are...


Clown Junta

Posted by Trotsky , 20 February 2015 · 100 views

Welcome to the sideshow
Swallow the sword and choke
Suffocate with all the lies
Caught tight inside your throat
Clown junta, clown junta
The greatest show on Earth
Clown junta, clown junta
Bled dry of pride and worth
The elephant is a war machine
The elephant never forgets
The elephant is a war machine
The war machine never relents


In School Suspension - A Story-Game

Posted by Trotsky , 19 February 2015 · 104 views

Something I wrote just to amuse myself a few months back that you all might like: 


Low Quality 2.22: Since Ben Won't, I Will

Posted by Trotsky , 28 January 2015 · 261 views

 The three strangers on horseback rode behind a scenic tumbleweed, which was moving fast and erratically because like all things from New Mexico, it was on meth. Trotsky the Great gazed out from the barred windows of the lab and took notice of the trio coming to a stop. The woman dismounted first and approached Trotsky's well; she stared down the unf...


State of GDC

Posted by Trotsky , 25 January 2015 · 200 views

Ha, you probably expected a long, verbose rant. Nah. Medal for Ben, shoutout to my friends, glitter bombs for everyone on my shit list. 



Posted by Trotsky , 04 January 2015 · 170 views

You didn't deserve a son,
You didn't deserve a daughter
She didn't deserve any of
The misery you brought her
But she was yours - yours to love
Not an object, not your property
She never could have been
The boy you thought she ought to be
And after seeing what you did
You just want to save face
As you bury your child
Whose life you laid to wa...


My Name is John - I'm Bored and Starved for Attention - Ask Me Anything

Posted by Trotsky , 16 December 2014 · 510 views

Treat this blog like a Reddit style AMA. Just ask me anything you ever wanted to know and I'll answer. 


Black Lives Matter

Posted by Trotsky , 08 December 2014 · 278 views

When I was young, I played with toy guns
Around the block outside in the Florida sun
I had a plastic AK and a shiny revolver
With orange caps on the barrel so no one at all would
Mistake it for a real piece, but it’d be all good
Cause who’d think they’d be robbed, murdered or assaulted
By a little skinny white 8 year old boy, like it was...


An Internet Safari

Posted by Trotsky , 15 October 2014 · 320 views

Welcome aboard John's Internet Safari! Please keep your hands and feet in the jeep at all times and remember to pay all due royalties whenever using your "save image as" cameras. This is a reminder from the disclaimers you signed that saying "jk lol" will not necessarily stop the FBI from busting your door down. You strongly advised to be caught up on The...

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