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2 days left to enter photography contest

We're having a photography contest where you guys send in a photo that describes what that time of year means to you.

Occupy Reality


My Name is John - I'm Bored and Starved for Attention - Ask Me Anything

Posted by Trotsky , 16 December 2014 · 333 views

Treat this blog like a Reddit style AMA. Just ask me anything you ever wanted to know and I'll answer. 


Black Lives Matter

Posted by Trotsky , 08 December 2014 · 202 views

When I was young, I played with toy guns
Around the block outside in the Florida sun
I had a plastic AK and a shiny revolver
With orange caps on the barrel so no one at all would
Mistake it for a real piece, but it’d be all good
Cause who’d think they’d be robbed, murdered or assaulted
By a little skinny white 8 year old boy, like it was...


An Internet Safari

Posted by Trotsky , 15 October 2014 · 244 views

Welcome aboard John's Internet Safari! Please keep your hands and feet in the jeep at all times and remember to pay all due royalties whenever using your "save image as" cameras. This is a reminder from the disclaimers you signed that saying "jk lol" will not necessarily stop the FBI from busting your door down. You strongly advised to be caught up on The...


As We Were (Poem)

Posted by Trotsky , 28 September 2014 · 163 views

Caught in a fever dream,
Touching unreality.
Caught in an eyeless storm
That stares straight through dead eyes.
We were no one special,
But we tried.
Riders on the razor’s edge
Stepped weightless off the ledge,
The brave and bored were dancing there
Bearing teeth and scars.
Expecting really nothing
Except to be left wanting.
We torched...


Watch Me Suffer (Three Raw Habanero's in Wendy's Chili)

Posted by Trotsky , 24 September 2014 · 189 views


One Word (Flash Fiction)

Posted by Trotsky , 20 September 2014 · 183 views

*Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado"*
One Word

The circle of wolves can be nearly silent at times, but when Will and Dwight approach for the feeding, the snapping of unfed jaws and the shaking of chains could awaken the entire countryside. So up to the moment Dwight draws his pistol from the back of his waistband and p...


Excerpt from my novel in progress (Voice of the Leviathan)

Posted by Trotsky , 02 September 2014 · 182 views

I've nearly typed out 20,000 words over the last two weeks for my most ambitious work of prose yet that will be over 100,000 words when complete. This work is high fantasy with steampunk influences and I'd rather not summarize the context. Instead, I've chosen some standalone excerpts to share. Enjoy, and I welcome all feedback. 
The Highwayme...


Let's Just Keep Things Civil

Posted by Trotsky , 28 July 2014 · 189 views

America, your poisoned tea, you’ve lost your grip on irony
Fascist thugs amassing in the streets, their flags read “don’t tread on me.” 
No quarter, no, no amnesty, for desperate child refugees
And it’s the bullets from the guns you sold down south they flee. 
Do you cheer for Gaza’s burning homes?...



Posted by Trotsky , 25 May 2014 · 154 views

Creatively unstable, beyond description in my way
What should I do with all these days?
To be high on life
What would that taste like?
I think those hits I take aren't so pure,
Nor are they safe.
Shining cyanide on silver plates.
Someone should make me a bracelet of thorns
I'd be the savior of the lost
Each fresh cut would remind of the cost...


Saturate (Rap Lyrics, Confessional Poetry)

Posted by Trotsky , 06 March 2014 · 440 views

This is probably the most deeply personal thing I've ever written, but words are meant to be read. So whether you are someone I care about or a casual friend or a stranger or someone who hates me, I would not have written this if I wasn't going to give you the chance to read it. Say whatever you will or nothing at all.