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Cracky's Inferno


Artwork for Billie's Birthday! xD

Posted by Firecracker Lell , in Artwork & Photography 08 February 2013 · 174 views

FINALLY! I did something for his birthday! :woot: :yay:
1. I drew this! ( I can't believe I did this! So proud of myself! :happy: Looks sooo good! - Sorry I f'd up some parts of the writing :sorry: )
Posted Image
2. And made this with pic collage :D ( my favorite!...


New drawing! xD

Posted by Firecracker Lell , 06 February 2013 · 139 views

I drew this for one of my best friends who just migrated to Canada & I can't see her for at least a few year... :cry: 
She's a huge killjoy & idiot :wub: The way she hugged me after seeing this... my neck was about to break actually...


Few of my artworks ( you may have seen 'em before )

Posted by Firecracker Lell , in Artwork & Photography 05 February 2013 · 158 views

So, I guess some of you may have seen these before, but I decided to upload them again & I'm gonna upload more, soon! :P
Sorry, If they're so simple & elementary! I'm not a professional, I enjoy drawing my favorite stuff...


More than just a brain fart!

Posted by Firecracker Lell , in Brain farts 05 February 2013 · 138 views

Wow! I wonder how I'm alive right now righting this! It's been like 3 days that I can't sleep before 2 am & I have to wake up at 6:45!
For the first time, I slept with my eyes open at class :P
Anyway, this is a little bit more than just a brain fart! It's getting serious.
My dad makes me hate him. He's fucking everything up! I know he doesn't know how...


First entry! Oh gosh, I'm exhausted...

Posted by Firecracker Lell , in Brain farts 11 January 2013 · 134 views

Psycho! I'm surrounded by everything & everyone I hate! They can't seem to even get themselves right! They're fighting with themselves... If I stay in my room, they'll say why don't you come sit with us, if I go sit with them, some other crappy stuff would happen! I'm tired of all these people around me... Saying one thing & doing another thing!...

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