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MrLund96's poetry


Don't Give Up On Me

Posted by MrLund96 , 10 August 2013 · 332 views

Okay, so most everyone knows what it's like getting dumped. You see, each time this happens to me, I just give up. So one time I thought, "Why is this? Why don't I fight? Why do I just give up like there is no hope left?" I decided to do something about it instead of just giving up. So I wrote this song called "Don't Give Up On Me" to fight for what I had...


Hey, you!

Posted by MrLund96 , 29 December 2012 · 209 views

Hey, guys.. got my second song written and ready, it's a song about someone I strongly dislike, as you can probably tell, and though I haven't done a "finished" record, I thought I wanted to share this with you.. it's just like a demo version, but it's only guitars and I just quickly recorded and mixed it.. I haven't done vocals, but y'know.. I've...


My first song

Posted by MrLund96 , 25 November 2012 · 287 views

Hey, guys!
This song is a song which I wrote after being in a bad mood for quite a while.. I couldn't quite figure out what was bugging me, but I just felt down constantly and let it out on my girlfriend, Hannah.. so I guess you could say it's sort of an apology song.. :happy:/>  it's also the first song which I've ever written!...

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