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The Cultural Wars.


My Experience. March 11th, 2013. Marquee Theater. Green Day.

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 31 March 2013 · 173 views

So tomorrow it will be two weeks since my first Green Day show. I know I sound like a teenager that just got a new girlfriend, but to me I want to just give my thoughts about the show cause I never did.
First off, I got there at 7:30 in morning and my place in line did not coincide with where I ended up at the end of the concert. I was 15 people ba...


Los Angeles (The Exit - Lydia) Music Video

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 20 March 2013 · 330 views

This is my music video for a trip to Los Angeles I did recently with my film class at school. It was four of the greatest days and nights of my life and I wish I could have it all back.
The music is "The Exit" - Lydia and they just released a bad ass album called Devil for which this song comes from, check 'em...



Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 19 February 2013 · 188 views

I took this of the Arizona sunrise. 
February 19, 2013.
Posted Image
ALSO, check out my other photography over at my Photography and Videos...


Who Cares?

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 18 February 2013 · 250 views

It has gotten to the point where I look back on recent events and asked myself why it happened in the first place. Dont get me wrong, I like where I am at now, but apart from 4 years ago, things in my life has taken a very effective change. Moving started it. From St. Louis, MO to Phoenix, AZ to Brentwood (Bay Area), CA back to Phoenix, AZ. I ask why? I may...


Redundant Photo

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 15 February 2013 · 484 views

So if you dont check out my photography thread, I basically take pictures (I try once a day) and edit them in black and white and post them. Only for my own enjoyment at home. If you dont check it out, you should go!!
Here is my...


Waiting for Green Day to Announce West Coast Dates Sucks.

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 16 January 2013 · 527 views

I am from Arizona and as of right now I am eagerly waiting for Green Day to announce the new West Coast dates. 
Now, the cliffhanger is that I will be in Los Angeles from March 6th to March 10th. Looking at the dates already announced, with the tour starting (as of now) in Chicago on March 28th, I am speculating that they will plan dates in a...


Trilogy. My Story.

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 13 December 2012 · 196 views

To Family, Friends, Fans and Punishers.
So its done. The long awaited trio of albums that all of us major fans were eagerly awaiting have come and released. With each one being a favorite to certain people, and those people forming their own opinions about each and every song. All 37 songs.
Think about it, there are bands out there that would...


ĄDos! Review

Posted by VisionsofGreenDay115 , 14 November 2012 · 478 views

So for my first blog entry I am going to put out my reviews of Green Day's newest trilogy release, "¡Dos!".
First I have to say that my thoughts on the album are pretty biased only because I love Green Day but also because when I heard that this album was going to have roots of "Stop, Drop, and Roll!!!" I...

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