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Lauren's Thoughts and Creations



Posted by Lauren , 05 May 2013 · 318 views

Dogs Dogs  are okay.   I mean, I like cats better.  
but dogs can be cool sometimes.   
It's    kind of cool  when dogs are like your best friend and stuff. they can like hug you.    
they can hug your soul.      
and keep you warm at night when they sleep in bed.
and also a guard dog     can protect you and scare off unwanted p...



Posted by Lauren , in Thoughts 04 May 2013 · 250 views

Milk Milk is good  in cereal and in root beer. but bad  in water.  

Never mix milk and water. That's just nasty.   
Chocolate milk is pretty good, and vanilla milk is super yummy.  
but if I drink it too fast, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't know why.  
I prefer to drink Skim Plus. Idk I just think other skim milk tastes...



Posted by Lauren , 29 April 2013 · 295 views

feel free to spam my comment section or something.  


Making Video Responses for Secrets

Posted by Lauren , 23 April 2013 · 434 views

I want to know if you guys think we should make video responses for secrets.
I was thinking a group of volunteers could be selected each week to respond to secrets. I'll send them maybe ...five? ... secrets and they can make videos of them responding to them. Then I can edit the video to display the question on screen while I read it, and show di...


Lyrics, Pt. 1

Posted by Lauren , in Lyrics 18 April 2013 · 207 views

Here are some songs I wrote. Because it's just lyrics and no music, it's going to get boring, so I'm going to leave out the parts that are repeated. Hope you like them! Also, NO STEALING :mad:
If You Find Me  
This one is about feeling lost and like I'm not allowed to think for myself or be my own person. It's like other people alre...


Mike Drawing

Posted by Lauren , in Art 08 January 2013 · 214 views

The popularity of my Billie drawing  was so overwhelmingly amazing,  
that I decided I would draw Mike for you guys, too.  
You dig???  


The Best Billie Drawing Ever!

Posted by Lauren , in Art 30 September 2012 · 606 views

I drew a picture of Billie.  


Don't deny that it's awesome.  


RE: iHeartRadio

Posted by Lauren , in Thoughts 23 September 2012 · 371 views

Billie Joe... although I can't say I'm not extremely disappointed in you, my heart goes out to you. From the first line of the opening song, something clearly was wrong. I would like to say I'm sorry for whatever happened to you, and I know the crowd's lack of reaction plus getting cut short (although now apparently that's not true?)  made things way...

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