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Another bunch of new songs :)

Posted by EastGinaNowhere , 19 November 2012 · 359 views

Show them who you are

We always create things
such as drugs and pills
we destroy ourselves
we never make it clear for them
we don't need this fucking shit
we can live without it

Modern world is a prison for me
I don't like how the world turned into
a war-between-us machine
People living in the streets and pray
for a piece of bread
Others sitting on a chair
happy for they money they get

That doesn't fit to me
I want to make a change to it
we need to go back and think
how everything were better than
our present
let's destroy it and make
something new
A brand new world

Everyone's feeling so miserable
they stole what we had
kids who are laughing instead of crying
what should I do?
when no one pays attention to me
I scream all alone in the chaos of
my city

After finishing with our lives
they change our creativity
I'm talking about the music
I'd never liked this shit
Nothing's left to fight for
I only have hope


We survived from the revenge
of our world
but there's always a thing
we cannot beat
It's time to resist
let's scream our pains
and show them what we want
Rebel is the only way
to prove them
that we're not weak
Changes our important
We have the right to live
sing with me


Erase my memory

I have been distracted
from the memories I have lost
Images returned back to me
solving the puzzle to find
the missing piece

you always show me a glow of light
in the dark side of the night
I'm relieved about nothing
and you ask me if it's alright

Isn't it hard for you?
But it's so hard for me
You believed that I lied
when I told the truth I found
Can you hear me?Can you feel it?
It's my life coming back

I have seen a bright white light
I have thought I was lost
between heaven and paradise
Now I'm breathless,not so hopeless
I can't deny,I need you back in my life

you always show me a glow of light
in the dark side of the night
I'm relieved about nothing
and you ask me if its alright


I woke up from the long living sleep
I found how all my fears have been
afraid of me
Now I know what was written in my arm
Not a story,not a curse
But a sign of the lost love I had


I was taught so many things
The most right lesson was
Never give up your life to them for free
Can you hear me?Can you feel it?
I'm back

Anarchists of the Authority

You feel so empty and alone
but think that someone out there
is waiting for you
don't let him down
don't let him down

Don't cry again
you won't feel better (trust me)
oh,you're so vulnerable
I can't get it
I can't get it

You don't think clear
your brain is full of things
what do you think that much?
I can't help you
I can't help you

Let out what you've got
Scream at me

Life can change in a second
there's no better way to do it
let's rock until we get old
this is what music is all about

Risk everything you got
and never regret it
You weren't wrong
You weren't wrong

You see one day
they'll guarantee that we're free
to be who we want to be (trust me)
It's the way of the life
the way of life


Stop everything
Don't move
That's right
Stay close to me
Easy guys
That's it
Give it to me

I don't care about the mess in your room
It's your burden,not my fault
what you'll do with all that you think
I only care about what makes them ill
This is going to kill them,ha!
You always get what you deserve
Do you see?
(laughs) Let's go!
They had to think before they did it
Now,they'll play our game

They'll pay for what they did to us
Everything find their way at last
(laughs) Now,both me and you are ready to...


My heart's strings are brittle

I thought I could rely on you
You'de be there for me
when I needed you
Now you turned your back to me
Following a new destination like she did
I can see further than your horizon of your dream

How could you change?
Maybe you were fake
Be honest with me,I won't care
I'm so tired of this

you made me feel lonely
like I lost an old toy
when we were young
everything was about having fun
we grew up since then
we matured,yes
I'm still the same,let's see
if you are as well


Your lies leaved a trace
I wish I could say
"I haven't found it"
I'll move on,I'll be fine
like I did one thousand times
My hopefull heart can be healed

How could you change?
Maybe you were fake
Be honest with me,I won't care
I'm so tired of this


I regret for worrying
I found a new shining road to go
The world is a tangle
but I didn't stop me believing
in all I have
I changed the way I face life
I was tought from you
Finally I'm ready to say
Goodbye to you

Let me know your opinion with a comment!

  • mies and Elena like this

i absolutely love these songs!! :happy:

    • EastGinaNowhere likes this
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Dec 23 2012 04:10 AM
i absolutely love these songs!! :happy:

Aww thank you so much  Elena :hug:

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Aww thank you so much  Elena :hug:

you're welcome ;) :hug:

    • EastGinaNowhere likes this
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