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Exam or ˇTRÉ!? Make up your mind..

Posted by PixlovesBJA , 05 December 2012 · 772 views

So, I had my Biology exam today and with ¡TRÉ! being leaked last night, it was way more than hard for me to not to get distracted. I had to make my mind up, ya know?

¡TRÉ! or Biology? Biology or ¡TRÉ!?

I already screwed my Chemistry exam and to increase my average I had to focus on Biology for a better grade.. but with ¡TRÉ!, it was like "WOAH! I NEED TO LISTEN TO IT THIS MINUTE". And, I was procrastinating anyway, so I grabbed my headphones, my phone and my notebook. I downloaded the leak :P :ninja:
and after done extracting it, I copied it to my phone.

I had everything ready, all I had to was play it and listen to it on full volume.. but my textbook was lying beside me, and I was left all tensed, eventually,
I ended up playing Brutal Love and...

Posted Image

I doodled down all my feelings. :lol:

And for X-Kid, my sketch was pretty hilarious, "Beej surfing". :P

Posted Image

It was amazing, when I listened to 99 Revolutions, I felt so happy.

¡TRÉ! is too awesome. I'll be doing a review of the Trilogy soon, you know? when I'm done with my exams. :lol:

That's all for now. :)

Rage and Love.

- Pix. :P

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Pieces of Truth
Dec 05 2012 02:40 PM
I like your handwriting! Mine look's like a 6 year old wrote it :P
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Dec 06 2012 05:39 AM

I like your handwriting! Mine look's like a 6 year old wrote it http://www.greendaycommunity.org/public/...

Awh, thanks. :lol:

You should have seen my handwriting back in 2007, how disastrous. :P
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wow :) ur handwritting ..

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