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Glitter in the Gutter


Snapshots of a Broken Mind Chapters 1 & 2

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Snapshots of a Broken Mind, Novels 29 June 2014 · 388 views

Snapshots of a Broken Mind is loosely based on my own experiences and follows three characters - Austin, his brother John and girlfriend Emily - through Austin's battle with borderline personality disorder, as he tries to piece his life back together after a messy divorce and job loss.
I've posted these two chapters before, but I've completely rew...


X-Kid: a Journey

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Green Day 19 February 2014 · 574 views

Just realised I never posted the last video from my trilogy-inspired series in my blog, so here it is. It follows on from the previous two (Angel Blue and See You Tonight ).

Initially the viewer is introduced to the (hypothetical) girl from Angel Blue and what it's like to be her, receiving the song. See You Tonight shows her...


Lyrics: Lights, Camera, Lies!

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Lyrics 11 January 2014 · 334 views

Finally wrote a new song. Been working on this one for a couple of months and I'm super excited to share it now. It's about the various stages of denial when you know someone is absolutely off-bounds to you, for whatever reason, but you're just covering up a desire you can't control. And that has consequences.
Comments and constructive criticism ar...


See You Tonight: Word and Image

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Green Day 14 October 2013 · 395 views

This follows on from my Angel Blue inspired video . It's the next part in her story, when she finally gives in and goes out to meet the narrator from her song.

These are part of a bigger video project I'm doing, and this was to fit the theme "word and image".
Her overdressed appearance represents how she's unwitting...


Angel Blue: the Point of View

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Green Day 11 October 2013 · 311 views

I'm studying photography and my current project is a video challenge. For the "Point of View" and "Mini Music Video" challenges, I recorded a video based on and inspired by Angel Blue. I relate to the song a lot and was inspired to explore how it might feel to be the (hypothetical) girl. So this video shows it from her point of view - being the "other wom...


My Lyrics: Chasing Ghosts

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Lyrics 05 October 2013 · 371 views

This is a pretty much new song. It's about alcoholism and knowing there's nothing you can do to help. The title is a metaphor for looking back on memories with that person, both good and bad; the bad ones gnawing away at you and wishing you could bring the good ones back.

Chasing Ghosts

Sleeping off the last bottle of pills
All dressed up and ready to...


My 99 Revolutions Tour

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Green Day 01 October 2013 · 471 views

People always ask why I'd want to see a band more than once. "Don't you get bored? Isn't it just the same thing over and over?"
It's not, somehow. It's different every time. You won't find it anywhere else. Why is that, though? Now it seems like the 99 Revolutions Tour is over, maybe it's time to rewind through the memories and try to explain.

This was a...


My Novels: Snapshots of a Broken Mind Chapters 1 & 2

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Novels 28 September 2013 · 255 views

Loosely based on my own experiences, Snapshots of a Broken Mind follows Austin, a recently divorced Londoner, as he tries to piece his life back together after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
Some scenes may be triggering for those who suffer with mental illness or sexual assault victims. Has some adult content as well....


Green Day - Emirates Stadium, June 1st 2013

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Green Day 21 June 2013 · 491 views

We arrived at Emirates Stadium the evening before the gig. It was dark and freezing cold; we were nervous, wondering how long the queue at our gate would be. It actually turned out to be mostly deserted - there were a few people scattered around some turnstiles, but none at others. When we found ours, there were some people who'd been here since the day b...


Help me out by answering a few questions!

Posted by Maria Gloria , in Other, Novels 16 June 2013 · 382 views

Decided I might as well post this here. If you have five minutes to read a sample of a story and answer a few questions about it, that'd be awesome!
You'll be able to answer them after reading this part:

Car horns blare, the constant roar of traffic echoes through the streets of Greater London. Angry drivers tut at red lights, fight o...

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