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Comrade's Scribblings


Senses Prevail - Chapter 8

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 09 April 2014 · 106 views

This chapter explores Williams' power over people - his manipulation of friends; his manipulation of conversation; his charm and flirtaciousness. There's a bit of subtext to it that it's not entirely his fault; he's more a slave to his desires than he realises, and actually he does have a deep-seated morality - a code. There was a lot of playing with his...


The Fear & Screw

Posted by Comrade , in Poetry 28 March 2014 · 129 views

It’s the same.
She’s just got a different name.
Each day a different name.
Sad, each thrust does nothing.
It’s me, not her who’s bluffing.
Just another pair of legs spread,
Charmed by compliments I’d said
To every other pair of legs spread.
Lights flash by the window –
It’s open onto the s...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 7

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 23 March 2014 · 240 views

This is a shorter chapter. It tares through this one night - the night after the previous chapter, Jamie having broken it to Williams that morning that he is leaving. This is the farewell, without any of the emotion and feeling. It was fun to write; a combination of my own and anecdotal experiences. I like to think it adds flavour knowing that everything...


Alien Bum

Posted by Comrade , in Poetry 17 March 2014 · 119 views

Alien Bum
Think about it – yeah think about it
I’m an alien in my own mind
Crawling down these steps to my own future
Each a fall to my knees, I feel like a loser
Craving like air, the empty roads
Silent fear not knowing where it goes
Oh they say to think about it, yeah think about it
All – I thought about it all, I live...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 6

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 09 February 2014 · 152 views

Alright, so I've battled on and finished another chapter. Where the fifth expanded and gave details of a period of time, the sixth is all about one night a little bit later in the year, delving into a particular (typical) twenty-four hours for Williams. Ultimately though, it's a pacing and scene-setting chapter, from here a lot starts to change for Willia...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 5

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 17 December 2013 · 245 views

I've finally finished work on chapter 5 of my book, Senses Prevail. It's an important chapter; it lays down the depth to Jack Williams' friendship with Jamie Lee, and expands on the first few months and escalation of his life at Uni as he becomes increasingly indulgent in practicing his hedonistic philosophy, but still with a sense of wonder. This is a ch...


Poem: Milburn Rd.

Posted by Comrade , in Lyrics, Poetry 23 November 2013 · 202 views

First time I've written anything poetical for a long time. Came off the back of some nostalgia for the years I spent at university. It'd be nice to hear what people think, it's just lyrical verse really. So much of that period of life was characterised by the fun and drama of just going out and seeing what happened.
It’s only...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 4

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 26 October 2013 · 192 views

This is the first completely original chapter I've uploaded here for over a month I think, and brings you up to date with how far I have written. For those who are following, this chapter is basically the day - and night - after the night before, as well as an insight into Williams' thoughts and feelings towards his new education and ultimately the progre...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 3

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 22 October 2013 · 234 views

Ok, so this isn't actually new. I've dissected Chapter Two  somewhat and cut it down into two shorter chapters at what felt too much to me like a natural pause in the story to not do it. But it has been (in places) heavily rewritten in order to give it it's own identity of a chapter. As opposed to a large chapter two dealing with Jack Williams s...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 2

Posted by Comrade , in Senses Prevail 22 October 2013 · 244 views

Right then, this is the second chapter of my ongoing novel, Senses Prevail. Following The Prologue  and Chapter 1 , here the main character sets up his new house and sets about beginning university. It was once a pretty long chapter, but I have since re-worked it an divided it into two. 
I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and I hope i...

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