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Hell for Leather


El Monja Blanca

Posted by Cat C , 04 November 2014 · 299 views

Last year I studied a module at university called "transformative writing". Basically, you found inspiration in a piece of art, film, or literature and "transformed" it into an entirely new piece of writing. You could watch an episode of your favourite TV programme and write a spin-off screenplay. You could stare at the Mona Lisa for so long that you saw...


Carpe Noctem

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 10 September 2014 · 295 views

I've been neglecting my GDC blog. I've been working on a hundred different projects for uni, for myself, and for my future... but because they're not ready yet, here's a little number I knocked up in a couple of nights. I hope you all feel special. I do quite like this one (in all its straightforwardness). 
About this song:  Inspired by t...


All Killer, No Filler (Playlist)

Posted by Cat C , 24 July 2014 · 270 views

A couple of nights ago I found myself at an impromptu beach party at two in the morning, doing shots of rum out of a child's sippy cup, playing a loud game of dares around the campfire with my best friends. We're all either in or rapidly approaching our early twenties, but sober or not, there was still something hilarious about flashing a nearby fisherman...


Advice: Who Do I Suit?

Posted by Cat C , 16 March 2014 · 305 views

My goal this year is to finally send my lyrics to publishers and record labels. After wading through a million pseudo "hit maker" websites, I've gathered that having a round-about knowledge of the musicians best suited to my style of writing would be extremely helpful. It gives the labels a direction to send the work in, and paints a fuller picture of the...


The Marble Man

Posted by Cat C , 04 March 2014 · 360 views

It's little bit unusual for me to post anything but lyrics on this blog, but here we are. This is a sonnet I wrote a couple of months ago for a creative writing assignment at uni. The task was to "transform" an already published piece of writing, so I used a template of Shakespeare's sonnet 18 and introduced my own ideas to it. Gimme your thoughts, I'm ai...


A Baptism of Music

Posted by Cat C , 11 September 2013 · 491 views

To commemorate one whole year since I had the pleasure of seeing Lady Gaga live on her Born This Way Ball tour, I thought I'd finally post this article I wrote about my experience. Due to life and other obstacles it's not completely finished, but because of the date and how much the show meant to me, I thought I'd post it anyway as a part one and complete...



Posted by Cat C , in Feedback Week 06 September 2013 · 606 views

A couple of weeks ago, GreenDayBass (aka Adam) and I were having a conversation about the dry spells of comments & feedback we can sometimes experience after posting our writing on GDC - especially now with all of the Words I Might Have Ate / Blogs confusion. So, inspired by the desire to create a closer bonds within the writing community, we began to...


Patron Saint

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 21 March 2013 · 364 views

About This Song: Here’s a little quickie appealing to my lyric fetish for religious imagery (of which you may hold Mr. Armstrong responsible). It’s a recent re-write of a song I wrote in 2010, about the breakdown of a relationship between God, or any other higher power, as belief alone fails to save you when you...


This Every Second

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 15 January 2013 · 694 views

I’d like to formally introduce this song as the little bastard that has been shamelessly dancing around my consciousness for five, long, years. Meet the phantom title that has caused me so much God damned stress as a songwriter, that has plagued me as a lyricist, and puzzled me as a poet: here is “This Every Second”.


Alejandro (Acoustic) - Lady Gaga Ft. Joshua Salles

Posted by Cat C , 03 January 2013 · 513 views

So this is a little bit different to my usual blog posts, but it’s something I wanted to put on here in case anybody wants to listen / download it. There’s an acoustic cover of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro on YouTube that I have always admired, by an unsigned guitarist called...


Your Last

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 15 November 2012 · 467 views

About This Song: This is a re-vamped version of a song I posted in my old lyric thread, called “The Last”. It is a simple, honest love song which I haven't layered in meanings, or metaphors, because the words just speak for themselves. The story is about not being your partner's first love, but falling for them so much, that you...


Hell for Leather

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 05 November 2012 · 587 views

About This Song: Written 05/11/2012. I'll keep this brief in case I spoil it: this song's early completion is utterly, unashamedly inspired by tonight's first listen to Lazy Bones. Keep that style in mind when you listen. I won't say more than that. Unrelatedly (I stress this!), this song is about when reckless fun trips...


Stereo Slut

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 31 August 2012 · 431 views

There are a few reasons why I haven't updated my GDC blog since the beginning of August; the main being that I was going to wait until I'd finished my magnum opus - Hell for Leather, nonetheless. Between meticulously planning that and flitting in and out of the house making the most of the summer, I wasn't able to think of anything substantial...


Sex Cells

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 31 July 2012 · 691 views

Brand NEW song! I was inspired to include this as a response to my last new entry, Quiet Wars. Although I’m happy with the song as a whole, I felt that a lot of the meaning was lost in translation through double meanings and metaphors which, when writing for pop,...



Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 26 July 2012 · 463 views

About this Song: These lyrics are about the intense exposure and brutality of the pop-stardom limelight, and how it inevitably transforms an artist who cares more about the art than the celebrity game. Written in May, 2012. Comments & criticisms are greatly appreciated!...


Quiet Wars

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 23 July 2012 · 442 views

This song is NEW as of today! :) I thought I'd mix some brand new pieces into the handful of older lyrics I'm moving from my writing thread to see if I can drum up a bit of new interest. What I'd really like from this blog is to catch the eye of new readers on the main page, and to hear their thoughts too. So, without further chat from me,...


Love Bursts from Guns

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 19 July 2012 · 488 views

About the Song: This song is about the constrictions of organised religion when it comes to having the "wrong" kind of sexual desires, from adultery to homosexuality. Love Bursts from Guns is about lust, sex, identity, feeling trapped by your own beliefs, and eventually wanting to break free for just one night - as long as you can repent your sins...


Concrete Wasteland

Posted by Cat C , in Lyrics 17 July 2012 · 374 views

About the Song: I wrote Concrete Wasteland about being in love in the underground, amidst an atmosphere of booze, 80's pop and Texas Hold'em at midnight. It's about making trashy glamour out of nothing but romance and a bad neighbourhood in the middle of winter. Written in December, 2011. Comments and criticisms are greatly...

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