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TheGreenDayKidd's Blog


Green Day drawing for me. <3

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 08 January 2013 · 616 views

Posted Image
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.. That I was saying when I first saw it. My friend made that for me, for my birthday. :wub: I really love it. Esspecialy Tre's eyes, Mike's tattoo and Billie's lips.  :happy: That's the best birthday gift...


My Photography!

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 15 October 2012 · 201 views

As some of you may already know I opened here on GDC a thread for my photography! Here's the link: http://www.greendayc...y/#entry4944992 :) I would be happy if you would take a look on my...


Gerard Way drawing for me! :P

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 01 October 2012 · 1,183 views

Posted Image

My amazing friend made this drawing of Gerard Way for me. :happy:


Best friends: My cat & UNO! =P

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 25 September 2012 · 468 views

Posted Image
Yesterday I post a picture when she was sleeping next to UNO, but today after the 3rd listening of it she fell asleep.. Sorry but I just couldn't resist of not uploading anoter picture of her next to UNO, because she's just so cute.. :happy:...


My cat is sleeping next to UNO! :D

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 24 September 2012 · 713 views

Posted Image
Last time I posted a picture when she was sleeping on my My Chemical Romance hoodie, but now she prefers sleeping next to UNO! Amazing cat if you ask me! :happy:


My 1st Coldplay concert! <3

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 13 September 2012 · 260 views

On 12th of the September I went to the Coldplay concert in Munich! First of all I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, I mean my dad loves them, so he just took me with him. I went to this concert just because I was corious how it's going to be. Maybe it'll sound weird that I'm not a Coldplay fan, but I knew actually all lyrics to the songs that...


Worst dissappointment in my life (canceled Green Day show) :(

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 09 September 2012 · 676 views

I was waiting one week to write this blog post, because I couldn't do it earlyer (I was so emotional fucked up). I'll tell you about the worst experiance in my life, when the Green Day show on I-Day festival on 2nd of September was canceled. This supused to be the best day of my life, but it wasn't. I dreamed about next Green Day show since 11th...


My blog is alive (again)!

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 09 September 2012 · 229 views

I wasn't actually very active with writing my blog, but I feel that I want to share my minds with you so I decided that my blog should be alive again. I won't write imagination storyes anymore but I'll post some pictures, my minds, my feelings and some other random stuff. See ya in my next blog post. xo


My cat is a huge My Chemical Romance fan? :D

Posted by TheGreenDayKidd , 01 July 2012 · 369 views

My cat is a huge My Chemical Romance fan? :D Here is a picture of my cat chilling on my My Chemical Romance hoodie.. :D I don't know why she likes it so much, but she almost always sleeps on it!

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