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Matt (monkeyman) has been repromoted to media mod!

Posted by Liam , 04 March 2013 · 792 views

For those of you who don't know, Matt (monkeyman) was one of the original media mods before he left in 2010 and I took over.
Ever since the download section had been redone, he's been working along side me to help get everything uploaded. Because he has such a amazing collection and knowledge on the downloads, as well as spending his time, we have decided to repromote him to media mod.
Matt is 22 years old, currently a uni student and reigns from down under as well as me. I really can't wait to be officially working side-by-side with him after all this time.

So please help me welcome Matt back to the team and don't forget to check out the amazing job he's done helping me with the download section as well :)

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Congrats Matt!! :woot:
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Wish him the best of luck for me, Liam! :D

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Good on ya, Matty love :happy:
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Welcome back!

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thanks guys :) I have put a sneaky little rare upload for you all as thanks ;)

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Congrats Matt!

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Mar 05 2013 04:14 PM

Congrats! :happy:

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Tubbie Head
Mar 08 2013 03:25 PM

awesome re-promotion! 

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