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GDC News


Starting today we're removing links to ask.fm from status updates

Posted by Fuzz , 14 March 2014 · 2,938 views

The mod team has unanimously decided to stop allowing ask.fm links in status updates. We'll be deleting them from now on. We'll also be removing any other anonymous type q&a sites like anonymous questions via tumblr. 
The are two major reasons for this change:
1) We're tired of all the promotional links for ask in status updates. Th...


Most popular topics: February 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 08 March 2014 · 485 views

Most popular topics
1) 30,000 posts woohoo  - 1,536 posts
2) Dookie's 20th Birthday Spam  - 1,228 posts
3) Green Day to release LP titled "Demolicious" to support Record Store Day  - 1,115 posts
4) SPAM THREAD  - 1,014 posts
5) 42 Years of Billie Joe [BJ Birthday Thread/10k Spam]  - 948 posts
6) Unpo...


Most popular topics: January 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 10 February 2014 · 473 views

Hey we thought we would share GDC's statistics every month so here they are:
Most popular topics
1) GDC Regulars Club - III  - 1,355 posts
2) Unpopular Green Day Opinions  - 1,278 posts
3) Being Single  - 904 posts
4) Relationships  - 828 posts
5) Grammy's 2014  - 793 posts
6) The Sex Thread...


Introducing the Musicians' Lounge!

Posted by Lone , 07 February 2014 · 595 views

We would like to introduce our new forum The Musicians' Lounge . This is where the musicians and lyricists of GDC can come to discuss their music and/or lyrics. The main forum (Musicians' Lounge) is used to ask and discuss general musicianship while the subforums are used to post personal work. For more details, check out this thread .
Special shou...


Change in warning policy

Posted by Lone , 30 January 2014 · 723 views

We have decided to lower the length of how long a warning point lasts from 60 to 15 days. Along with that, the member will lose access to "Clubs" and "Shenanigans" on their first warning. Sounds like a grand time right? But wait, the member will also be limited to 10 posts per day.
The suspension will continue to increase with multiple warning poin...


New feature: See when your friends online

Posted by Fuzz , 20 January 2014 · 750 views

We've installed a new feature to show you when you have friends online. We hope this will help encourage people to participate in parts of the forum where their friends are, or at the very least, as an indication of when someone you care about is active so you can leave them a comment or message if you want. When friends come up, you'll see a blue notific...


Happy Holidays GDC!

Posted by Lone , 07 December 2013 · 937 views

We know you guys are busy getting your coursework in before the end of the term or enjoying the wonderful weather. To cheer you guys up we've got some contests and activities lined up for this holiday season.
Here's a list of the contests-s-s that have already started and upcoming contests (details will be posted at a later time).
Dec 6-18:...


Help GDC with a donation

Posted by Fuzz , 13 November 2013 · 554 views

Hey guys, 
I'm looking to raise about $500 for both GDA and GDC to help with some expenses and to do some new stuff. The most important thing is just covering a few miscellaneous costs that seem a little out of reach since Green Day went in to hibernation and traffic is down. But I'd also like to use a bit of that money for some contest prizes...


Tour threads moved to read-only archive

Posted by Fuzz , 12 November 2013 · 262 views

We've finally gotten around to moving old tour topics from this year into the read-only Previous Tour Dates section. Since all those shows happened more than 3 months ago, there's not really much to continue discussing. Instead we'll keep them as read-only topics so people can look back on them in the future if they wish to. They've been put into subforu...


Who's the new chat mod? It's a Secret...

Posted by Tre's Busted Drumkit , 13 October 2013 · 470 views

We're pleased to announce that Secret has joined the chat mod team. We're even more pleased to announce that Secret has a secret identity--you may know her as Marte, aka HolidayContradiction! We're happy to have Marte back on the chat mod team, and we know you'll all be as nice to her as you are to Lindsay, Riley and Abir.
Ok, nicer. Be nicer. Or e...

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