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Popular Topics: June 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 01 July 2014 · 387 views

1) World Cup 2014 - 1,251 posts
2) I Made 10,000 Posts On GDC & All I Got..... - 1,142 posts
3) The Great Gay Spam - 1,041 posts
4) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 1,036 posts
5) Secrets Thread 3: Resurrection - 979 posts
6) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 756 posts
7) Random Thoughts - 524 post...


Khaleesi. has found the orange fountain

Posted by Lone , 29 June 2014 · 785 views

In other words, Khaleesi has been promoted to moderator. She was chosen because of her outstanding resume and her ability to be on GDC when she's sleeping. She will receive her benefits (401k, life, dental) after her 90 day review. At that time, her salary will be increased accordingly.
Welcome to the team and we're happy to have you on board! :)...


We need more mods. Want to help GDC? Send in an application

Posted by Fuzz , 25 June 2014 · 1,943 views

We are looking to promote a new moderator to the team.
The requirements
* Bachelors degree in Communication and Business Leadership
* 5 years experience leading a team
* Complete and thorough understanding of social/political issues in the world (i.e. intro to Sociology, Psychology 101 and Political Science 100).
* At least 4 different extra...


Popular Topics: May 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 07 June 2014 · 394 views

1) Secrets Thread 3: Resurrection - 1,757 posts
2) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 830 posts
3) We're not doomed! And my foreskin never stopped tingling - 793 posts
4) The Sex Thread - 685 posts
5) Ken's A Pussy And Won't Make A Spam Thread Himself - 584 posts
6) Random Thoughts - 541 posts
7) [Trigger Warning] Rochest...


Congrats to Sonia!

Posted by Lone , 05 June 2014 · 615 views

We'd like to welcome Viva La Sonia! to the green team and you guys better welcome her too. You may have seen her around the forum but feel free to say hi to her in her new home.


GDC got a new server. Sorry about that downtime.

Posted by Fuzz , 29 May 2014 · 544 views

We're back. We've upgraded GDC to a new more powerful server, that just so happens to (more importantly) cost us less per month.
If you saw a white page for a little while as you tried to load GDC, that means you were looking at the old server. Internet providers have to log IP changes when a site changes from one server to a new one, that process...


Help us pay the forum license costs

Posted by Fuzz , 28 May 2014 · 604 views

Our license renewal is up for the forum, blogs and chat room. All together they cost $100 to renew. I'm hoping those of you who can might help us pay for this license renewal to keep everything online (the chat is already offline because of this). 
Any small amount will make it easier for us to pay it.
You donate securely via PayPal. If...


Most Popular Topics: April 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 07 May 2014 · 351 views

Most popular topics for April
1) Green Day to release LP titled "Demolicious" to support Record Store Day - 1,783 posts
2) teh mods are asleep! Wake up teh mods! - 1,137 posts
3) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 794 posts
4) In Celebration of Demolicious...SPAMOLICIOUS! - 616 posts
5) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be w...


Most Popular Topics: March 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 06 May 2014 · 554 views

Most popular topics for March
1) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 1,423 posts
2) Worst. 10k. Spam. Ever. - 1,040 posts
3) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 926 posts
4) Foxboro Hot Tubs to Perform in Austin, TX in March - 673 posts
5) Random Thoughts - 647 posts
6) Nice or Nasty? - 623 posts
7) Relations...


Starting today we're removing links to ask.fm from status updates

Posted by Fuzz , 14 March 2014 · 3,285 views

The mod team has unanimously decided to stop allowing ask.fm links in status updates. We'll be deleting them from now on. We'll also be removing any other anonymous type q&a sites like anonymous questions via tumblr. 
The are two major reasons for this change:
1) We're tired of all the promotional links for ask in status updates. Th...

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