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GDC News


Change to Guest View

Posted by Lone , 13 February 2015 · 322 views

Guests can (now) only view topics in Green Day Chat, Green Day Pictures, and Musicians' Lounge.


Change in Warning Policy (again)

Posted by Lone , 30 January 2015 · 525 views

We have decided to adjust how the warning system works. We are increasing the length each warning lasts to accommodate for the days your account is suspended. We're also lowering the amount of warnings you can get before you're banned. Here is a breakdown of how long suspensions will last with each warning point:
1 warning point: 24 hour suspension...


Popular Topics: December 2014 and 2014 Overall

Posted by Lone , in Stats 04 January 2015 · 774 views

Most popular topics for December
1) HOLIDAY SEASON SPAM(S) - 1,670 posts
2) SECRETS THREAD 4: RAW AND UNCUT - 1,637 posts
3) Random Thoughts - 1,366 posts
4) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 551 posts
5) The Sex Thread - 444 posts
6) Hall of Fame Idiot Meet-Up Thread - 373 posts
7) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be...


Liam has been promoted to admin

Posted by Andres , 28 December 2014 · 1,928 views

It's actually real, it finally happened. Liam sent me enough nudes to finally give him the promotion to admin. Starting today he'll be helping run this place and manage the team. He also re-joined the GDA news team recently and will helping run things over there as well.
So begins the process of him slowly kicking me off the team.
Congrats L...


Help us pay for the GDC forum license

Posted by Andres , 07 December 2014 · 592 views

We have to pay $50 to renew our licence (every 6 months) with Invision. This pays for the forums, blogs, and chat. It's also totally understandable that not everyone can afford to help the sites and that's perfectly fine. Being an active member here is already very appreciated and all we really expect of our members. But if you have $5 and feel like givin...


Popular Topics: November 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 06 December 2014 · 386 views

Most popular topics for November
1) Random Thoughts - 1,648 posts
2) hey, i have some posts! - 887 posts
3) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 513 posts
4) Feminists Club - 512 posts
5) Your Pet Peeves - 447 posts
6) Secrets Thread 3: Resurrection - 445 posts
7) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 430 pos...


Green Day News & Chat have been merged

Posted by Andres , 19 November 2014 · 850 views

We decided to merge the Green Day News & Green Day Chat subforums. We had originally split them up because we planned on tying GDC and GDA together so we wanted a place to store all the individual stories that we were putting on GDA. We also felt when things were very active it kinda made sense to have everything split up. But I've never been a huge f...


Popular Topics: October 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 08 November 2014 · 456 views

Most popular topics for October
1) Random Thoughts - 1,613 posts
2) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 959 posts
3) Feminists Club - 729 posts
4) GDC Confessions - 592 posts
5) Relationships - 476 posts
6) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 466 posts
7) Secrets Thread 3: Resurrection - 312 posts
8) Your...


Halloween Theme!

Posted by Andres , 24 October 2014 · 1,045 views

We've installed an over-the-top Halloween theme for those of you needing a little more to get you into the holiday spirit. Anyone can switch to it now by clicking "Change Theme" on the bottom left of the forum. We'll make it the default theme on the 31st. And probably take it away from you guys some time after that.


Popular Topics: September 2014

Posted by Lone , in Stats 06 October 2014 · 355 views

Most popular topics for September
1) Random Thoughts - 1,737 posts
2) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 964 posts
3) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 810 posts
4) Feminists Club - 523 posts
5) The GDC Awards 2014 hype/community brainstorm thread - 504 posts
6) Nude Photos Of Celebrities Leaked Online Fo...

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