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#5328482 Animated Music Video for Nuclear Family

Posted by kuper064 on 06 June 2013 - 04:04 AM

So Green Day is having that short film contest, but there doesn't seem to be any place that's dedicated to sharing everyone's videos. This forum seems like the best place for that kind of thing, so here's my video anyway - an animated music video for Nuclear Family. It was tough to get this done in such a short amount of time, but I think it came out pretty well. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.





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#5312364 Green Day's Next Album

Posted by Dirty Rotten Bastard on 27 May 2013 - 06:58 AM

Norwegian death metal
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#4967952 Let's promote ¡Dos! ourselves!

Posted by Andres on 31 October 2012 - 01:31 PM

I know many of you have been concerned about the promotions for ¡Dos!, especially with the band out of the spotlight. So lets promote the album ourselves!

What we need? Designs! Can someone make some images with the album cover that saying "New Green Day album coming November 13th" so that we can share them across social media.

I want us to get the word out as much as we can. I'll be pushing for it on GDA's accounts. Lets get a grassroots effort going to try and make as many people as possible aware this album is coming in just 2 weeks.

Give me your ideas on how else we can further promote this.

Items to share

Facebook Cover Art
http://i.imgur.com/iLsdR.jpg (made by Matt)

http://clicktotweet.com/75Bs6 iTunes order info

"Coming November 13th" Artwork
http://i.imgur.com/ViTQA.png (by Maria Gloria)

"Coming November 9th" Artwork (for some international countries)
http://i.imgur.com/vE2W7.png (by Maria Gloria)

Happy Halloween
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#5151232 Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone "The Road Back From Hell"

Posted by Matt. on 26 February 2013 - 05:04 PM

Trying to get scans...

Edit: Scans courtesy of Alissa:


It worked! :dance:
Here you go lovelies. Enjoy. :happy:


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#5231653 Deserving of a BJ...

Posted by Jet Taman on 07 April 2013 - 09:42 PM

BJ Guitar that is!  haha


But now that I have your attention, I feel the need to express my gratitude on behalf of all the people who couldn't make it to any Green Day shows this tour to our friend Lauren.


Lauren has been a fan of Green Day for many years--I remember seeing her at the 2009 21stCB tour in the front row with a orange road cone on her head when she was about 14 or 15 years old--and she's gone to nearly every show that she could since then and probably all the shows we WISH we could've gone to--the NYC shows and she was even seen on Good Morning America when Green Day played atop the roof of the studios.


For the past week, Lauren has given all of us the opportunity to hear the shows via a livestream.  This, as you may know, is no easy feat.  I hung out with her in line at Philly as she struggled to get her phone up and working so she could livestream the show for all of us.  When most people at the concerts are focusing their attention on the world's greatest band on stage, Lauren was making an effort to make sure those of us who could not be at the show--and may not even be able to see Green Day at all this tour--hear the songs as they were being played.


Look at the posts from the last couple of shows and you will see comments like "You are awesome, Lauren!" and "Thank you so much, Lauren!"


When I went to the Philly show, I brought one of my BJ Guitars (Blue replica) to give to Billie so that he could actually give it to some kid in the audience and change that kid's life the way Billie changed mine 20 years ago. 


Today, I think that it's obvious that Green Day has changed Lauren's life and she has made an effort to share her love for the band with all of us, so I would like to present Lauren with her very own BJ Guitar as a way of saying "THANK YOU" for everything you do for the Green Day Community.  Our community is the best and it's great to share such a mutual bond with each other.


Lauren, go to my website and choose whatever version you want, and you will have your very own Blue.


Thank you, dear :)



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#5077863 Billie Joe's Handwritten Trilogy Lyric Sheets (w/ alt. lyrics/titles, a f...

Posted by Jack on 02 January 2013 - 04:38 AM

After some snooping in ¡Quatro!, I was able to come up with 44 images of the handwritten lyric sheets that Billie Joe wrote for trilogy songs.


I think, around the 20-minute mark in the "¡Quatro - Highlights" portion of the documentary aired on TV, there was a scene where a ton of handwritten sheets were flashed across the screen. I found ¡Quatro! on the internet, and took screenshots of all the sheets. I sorted through them, took out duplicates, and cropped/edited some of them to make them easier to see and read. Though it seems like it for some, I didn't cut anything off of the images...the full sheets weren't flashed on the screen, only fragments of sheets. So only sections of the song are shown in some cases. And yes, some are shitty quality, but it's the best I can do until we get the HQ DVD version of the movie.


In all, I found lyric sheets or song arrangement sheets for 21 of the trilogy songs. I also found evidence of 4 songs that we'd maybe heard a little about/were played at secret shows, but didn't end up on any of the albums. These are "State Of Shock," "Gabriella" (which DOES have some different lyrics than "Amanda"), and (as far as I know), two totally unfamiliar songs, "I'm Alright," "Life Is So Plain" (title change?, I can't tell), and "Satellite." The images of the song boards with those last three new ones are in the "Misc." section.


For "Gabriella" and "State Of Shock," I ended up with a whole bunch of fragment images of the original lyric sheet. So, I pieced the lyrics together from those into full lyrics, which are also inside the spoilers for those two songs.


The most interesting bits in these images are all of the changed lyrics...songs like "Wild One," "X-Kid," and "Troublemaker" (among a handful of others) had alternate lyrics. "Dirty Rotten Bastards" even has two whole extra verses that never saw the light of day. There were even a few alternate song titles (for example, "Oh Love" used to be named "Life and Love" [see "Misc." section] ). Also, a funny note: throughout all these images that were flashed up on the screen for just a fraction of a second each, someone went through and blurred out all the cuss words. Every single one. I found that pretty funny.


I hope people find these interesting! Just the fact that these are the original translation for each song idea is really cool to me. I'll most likely be putting these on GDA sometime soon, for anyone who missed them on here. I figured I'd post them here too, just for the hell of it. :D I just stuck the full size images in spoilers, so I hope that works.



8th Avenue Serenade:






Angel Blue/Teenage Blue:



Brutal Love:



Carpe Diem:



Dirty Rotten Bastards:






I'm Alright:



Kill The DJ:



Lazy Bones:



Let Yourself Go:



Loss Of Control/Crushing Bastards:






Missing You:






See You Tonight:



Sex, Drugs, and Violence:



State Of Shock:






Wild One:





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#5772891 Jason White has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer

Posted by jannabeth on 04 December 2014 - 02:28 AM

Hi, I am Jason's wife and I haven't posted on this board since 2005,literally. But just wanted to clarify that Jason has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer, not esophagus cancer. The Big Cats post was unintentionally misleading. His tonsil cancer is not due to tobacco or alcohol and his prognosis is very good. Thank you so much for y'all's words of support. Jason doesn't come on here, but I will pass along the well wishes. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin this journey. It's gonna be hell but he will be fine when it's all said and done.
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#5154738 Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone "The Road Back From Hell"

Posted by AlissaGoesRAWR on 28 February 2013 - 09:29 PM

It worked! :dance:


Here you go lovelies. Enjoy. :happy:





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#4712247 Green Day to be covered on GLEE

Posted by Lindsay on 17 April 2012 - 11:31 AM

Posted Image
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#5258414 Shave with Green Day

Posted by michidookie on 21 April 2013 - 04:21 AM

Hi, boys and girls!
I feel very idiot in this period, so when i read the talenthouse thing I thought of posting one of my stupid videos.

Now I want to challenge you! POST YOUR OWN video of singing green day while shaving! It's so achieving!!!
Cmon guys!  


Some specs:


- if you do your video beware of the arteries.

- Now I have to change my earphones...

- I know the lyrics are so personal and serious. but the music is so cool that I feel well doing a stupid video.


****NEW VIDEO!!!***

Stop when the red lights flash! :-)

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#4973486 Green Day Songs Dookiefied®

Posted by Dookiefied on 04 November 2012 - 05:20 PM


I started listening to Green Day in 1994 when I was around 15-16 years old and it completely changed my life. From then on I was a different person and I also discovered making music by myself. I can't even describe how much Dookie means to me and the impact it has had on my life. I can only compare it to having a child lol.

I am one of those people who do bitch about 1994 and Dookie all the time. I know, they grew up...and I didn't lol. Anyways, I decided to do something about it instead of just bitching about it so I am now on a mission to "Dookify" as many non-Dookie songs as possible.

Last night I recorded a cover of "The Forgotten" Dookie style and the interest for this seems to grow rapidly, so I decided to make it a serious project of mine.

So if you are interested in what we do and what we will do, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and/or our Facebook page. Our covers as well as originals are released under the band name "Hearts At War".

Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...kiefiedOfficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartsAtWar

Original music, full album download: https://dl.dropbox.c...012-192kpbs.rar

Time Of Your Life [Dookiefied]


Missing You [Dookiefied Guitars]

The Forgotten [Dookiefied]

Dream Catcher [Dookiefied Studio Version]

Nightlife [Dookiefied]

Dry Ice [Pianofied]

Misery [Acoustified]

And a lot more on the Youtube channel and Facebook Page.

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#5851245 One Weekend In Cleveland (or Céadóg Writes A Massive Load Of Shite But You...

Posted by Céadóg on 19 April 2015 - 11:33 PM

So I promised Hannah I'd try to at least attempt a write up of the absolute chaos that was these past few days. Hopefully this will make up for my absence from GDC, since I experienced a shit ton of Green Day stuff with a shit ton of GDCers. I'll try to stick specifically to Green Day related stuff when I can, otherwise this post might never end.
So we were all queued up, we got the numbers to ensure there'd be no cutting (an excellent system that I hope catches on, basically the first 100 odd people were guaranteed their spots), then the waiting happened. The interminable waiting. And then it all turned out to be for fuck all because apparently the HOB let a bunch of arseholes who didn't even like GD in early and they all hogged the barrier for most of the show. The bastards. In any case, pretty much all of our group were second/third row in front of Billie/Mike, the best spots we could possibly have gotten really in the circumstances. Hannah was right in front of me, centre stage, really good spots.
Jesse Malin wasn't as shit as I thought he'd be. Now, in fairness, I thought he'd be fucking useless. And his original stuff was dire. Malin also seriously wants to be Billie Joe, in a very obvious and sad way. Couldn't shut up about the usual ranty shite that Billie generally reserves for halfway through Letterbomb. But they ripped through a couple of great covers in the form of The Pogues' If I Should Fall From Grace With God (coincidentally one of my all time favourite songs) and the Ramones classic Rock N Roll Radio. The crowd started to get a bit rough during the Ramones cover, but I figured that was mostly because people were sick of waiting for a song they actually knew. I should add that the two covers were greatly complimented by Malin's brass section, who ended up staying at the same hotel with that night. I of course thanked them profusely for making his set tolerable.
Once we were finished enduring Malin, it was time for Sweet Children. We figured that it'd take them a while to setup, the normal time being half an hour or so between sets, but John was out on stage and talking incomprehensible bollocks in less than 10 minutes. I should mention at this time that the crush in the pit was getting pretty bad, with a lot of people barely even able to move their arms, nevermind dance or jump. There was no real effort by security to alleviate the crush, and they still weren't handing out water at this time.
Okay yes, back to Green Day. No wait. The other one. With the pensioner. Who eats oranges on stage and accuses Mike of rubbing tuna on his arms before shows. I was expecting Kiffmeyer to maybe say a few words, play a short 4 or 5 song set, and then make way for the main show. Didn't really expect John to completely own the stage and be tighter than Billie. Well no, I expected the second part. Sweet Children ripped through their set like it had been 25 hours since their last show, not 25 years. It was a set full of fun and light heartedness, Billie and Mike looked far more relaxed onstage than I had ever seen them, and John never missed a beat. One can only hope that the reception that classics like Road To Acceptance, Only Of You, and Disappearing Boy received will encourage Green Day to play them live in future. The absence of any form of HEY OH was a massive relief to me as well, of course. The only problem I have with John is that when Billie was clearly readying himself to play Going To Pasalacqua, John jumped up from behind the kit and exclaimed that they were gonna play Green Day. My best chance to see one of my favourite songs ruined by Green Day's reject drummer :lol:
Of course I'll have to speak a little bit about the Sweet Children incident. As I mentioned before, the crush in the crowd was fucking awful. A lot of people, especially the smaller girls, were struggling since apparently 99% of the 250 pound guys had never been to a small show before and thought it was perfectly okay to ram into them and basically be obnoxious cunts. As a result, a few songs into the Sweet Children set, a lot of people had been forced out of the pit due to the fact that a 400 person floor was jammed full of about 700 knobends. It all came to a head during the first chorus of Sweet Children, when two rows back from me a fistfight broke out between a girl and some fucking huge guy over a small canvas painting of Green Day. Yes. You heard that right. A fistfight in the pit of a once in a lifetime show over a fucking painting. That was how ridiculous this pit was. Anyway, people started pushing the guy towards the front so security could deal with him as quickly as possible. They then proceeded to try to pull him out of the pit. Unfortunately, they tried to use Hannah's neck to help them. Then, once they noticed she was in severe danger of breaking her neck, they proceeded to drop him on her. And that's when John and Billie stopped the show. Hannah was in a bad way, and I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to continue in such a rough pit. She didn't even realise Billie was talking to her until the third time he repeated himself, and I'm fairly certain the only reason she realised at all was because I was begging her to look up because Billie was talking to her. And then Billie said something that I'll always be grateful to him for, because I'm fairly sure that without those three words there's no way Hannah would have been able to continue and enjoy the show, and her night would have been totally ruined. He's a wee fuck, but he loves Hannah, and I have to be okay with it :P

After the breathless nature of the Sweet Children set, so many of the crowd were already shattered. Minimal water had been given out, and the girl next to us had been crushed so bad that she had to spend most of the set on one foot. She got barrier not long after though, fortunately. I asked Hannah at this point if she wanted to leave the pit and rest, and she simply said "The only way I'm leaving this pit is if I die". So that was that. Again, the setup time was very minimal, and Green Day were onstage within 15 minutes. Fortunately security had begun handing out bottled water so we actually felt a lot better about the pit this time round.
From the moment Green Day ran out onstage, it was clear to see the attitude difference between the Sweet Children set and Green Day's. There was no messing around, it was straight down to business as usual. Opening with 99 Revolutions felt like an odd choice to me, especially considering it was the only song released in the past decade that they played that night. I would have thought that they'd stick to Welcome To Paradise as their standard small show opener, but it worked, so I can't really complain. The setlist itself was quite strange in that respect. It definitely seemed like a collection of songs that they enjoyed playing, more than their usual set of songs that please the crowd. But the crowd ate the songs up. The triple Kerplunk run of 2,000 LYA, Private Ale, and Christie Road was incredible to witness, and when Mike's intro on Stuart & The Ave. kicked in I was almost certain that I was going to throw up from screaming so loud. It only got better as they went straight into She, my favourite Green Day song. Geek Stink Breath was never a huge favourite of mine, but it was great live, and seeing One For The Razorbacks live for the first time was just amazing. Then I had the singular honour of being the human ladder for the nutcase who got onstage during Longview. The guy literally climbed up my back to get Billie's attention. I also have to add that it was definitely one of the more awkward audience singing routines I've ever witnessed. The guy was obviously trying to do a persona thing and even Billie commented on how he was making things a bit weird :P
And of course, we need to talk about Tim Armstrong. I'd seen him backstage during Jesse Malin's set, but I just figured he was there as a guest, since I'd seen Steve Van Zandt back there too. The roar in the crowd when he came bouncing onstage to blast through Knowledge was amazing. The real treat though was the rendition of Rancid song Radio, which Billie and Tim had written 21 years and one day ago. Most of the crowd didn't know the song, but that was understandable considering it's a fairly obscure Rancid song. The guys had so much fun with it though, with Jason especially bouncing around the stage far more than he usually does.
This is probably a good moment to talk about Jason's health too. I've seen a few posts from people saying that he looked ill and tired and very underweight at the show. Complete nonsense. Jason looked fit and full of energy. He was getting a lot more into the songs than usual, and he actually looked a lot better for loosing a bit of weight. Tré could probably do with following his example, evidently married life is suiting him too well :P
By now the crowd was absolutely shattered, so of course Green Day went straight into the endless King For A Day routine. If anything, we were thankful when the band ended up on the floor of the stage, it gave us much needed time to breathe. After that, Billie gave probably his best rendition of Waiting, vocally at least (there was a lyrical error or two :P ). The time off has obviously done his voice a lot of good, and his breath control is definitely back to it's best, as he nailed the ascending note of "I Don't Care" on Jesus Of Suburbia with ease for the first time in years. Ending on JoS seemed a very odd choice, and it took the crowd several minutes to disperse, since everyone was certain Billie would return to play Good Riddance, as he always had done for years. But it was not to be. The show of a lifetime was over, and it had been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved. Perhaps Billie didn't want a performance of Good Riddance to fuel rumours of a breakup after his earlier comments about not seeing the fans for a long time.
One guy I have to mention though was this security guard (the one with the insane mohawk). I honestly think he was a bigger Green Day fan than many people attending the show, and his delight at rare songs like Private Ale and Stuart & The Ave. being played was great to see. He completely fanboyed over Tim Armstrong taking to the stage, and sang along to basically every song. It's so rare to see a security guard enjoy a show, and what a show for him to enjoy.
Friday was a day filled with GDC related shenanigans, which shall be discussed later and elsewhere I assume. Saturday morning we visited the RnR HoF museum, and saw the Green Day exhibit. The handwritten lyrics were very cool, and it was interesting to see how few differences their were between the original drafts of the song and the finished version. Seeing the guitar that Billie used to record American Idiot was also amazing. I'm guessing that pics of this stuff have been shared everywhere on the forum already but here's most of the exhibit.
So now I'm gonna skip ahead to Saturday night, the night of the Induction ceremony. Hannah left early because she had a headache, and after Green Day had brought the house down, she was bored out of her mind. In fact, apparently a good 30% of the people at the ceremony left after Green Day finished playing, which I found slightly odd. Anyway, I went to meet her so we could walk back to the hotel together, but while she was waiting around for me she discovered the back door of the venue where all the celebs' limos and hummers were. We decided to hang out there, since Hannah had seen Billie Joe's bodyguard checking out the area. We saw a few people before Green Day came out. Long story short, Taylor Hawkins is a bellend, Dave Grohl is Dave Grohl, John Legend is someone, Alice Cooper has the whitest teeth known to man, and Bill Withers loves a good smoke. There wasn't many people out back, surprisingly, so when Green Day came out they weren't totally terrified by the usual wave of screaming. Mike and Tré went into the next door hotel pretty quickly, but Billie and his family hung around outside and talked to a few fellow celebs outside the venue for a few minutes. Then as he was walking across to the hotel he waved and said hi, which I suppose was a bit cool.
After Green Day had gone, we decided to leave before the place went nuts when Ringo and Paul came out. As we came around to the front of the hotel next door, Hannah stopped to light a cigarette, only to realise we were standing right next to Bob Gruen and Bill Schneider. We quickly decided that it'd be no harm at all to stick around and see if anyone else happened to show up. A minute later, who should walk past but the legend of music that is Jeff Matika. We shouted his name, and he turned and waved, and as he did I told him the immortal truth of his sexual preferences; that he does indeed fondle pigeons. This raised a smile from him, but then he went into the hotel and our moment was over. Then, still overwhelmed by our brush with the great Matika, who should we see taking pictures with fans in front of the hotel but Tim motherfucking Armstrong. He was just about to leave (he actually seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere) but he was happy to wait and take a quick picture with us. We talked a little about the show, and he complimented my Misfits shirt. And then he was gone. And then who do we see standing outside the revolving door talking to a fan about Billie Joe and Mike's playing styles but Rob Cavallo. Chris Lord-Alge was with him, but he seemed content to let Rob do the talking. Oddly enough Rob also commented on my Mistfits shirt haha. It was an amazing moment to meet two of the men that created so much of Green Day's sound and musical style.
There were no more Green Day related incidents to speak of, save for being able to spy on their private party due to the bar having a glass wall. We didn't feel comfortable with that and quickly left, but that didn't stop dozens of people from snapping pics of the celebs like they were animals in a zoo.
Okay this took me forever to type and Hannah is passed out beside me so I should probably wrap it up. All in all, it was an incredible trip. I got to see one of my favourite bands play  a historic show with some of my favourite people, and I got to meet some absolute legends of music. It's gonna be a tough one to top.



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#4771460 First single, "Oh Love," coming July 16th

Posted by Lindsay on 25 June 2012 - 11:24 AM

Idiot Club just announced Oh Love will be the first single from Uno, out July 16th!!! :D


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#4443746 Random Green Day Love

Posted by Dylan. on 11 June 2011 - 02:49 AM

Feel free to close this. I needed to express my love for Green Day. Billie, Mike, and Tre have changed my life in ways that words can hardly hope to describe. From the moment that I blasted International Superhits from my stereo, I have fallen irrevocably in love with Green Day. Their music has touched my heart and mind, and has transformed me from the child I was when I began my journey, into the man that I am today. I believe that being a Green Day fan is a term tossed around a lot, by people that just like the singles, or people that say they love the song, "I Walk Alone" when they mean "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

It's easy to like Green Day, but it is a responsibility to love them. To love Green Day, there is an understanding that everytime a person speaks ill about you, for any reason, you respond by telling them to fuck off, in any manner of words you choose to use. Being a Green Day fan is about being a minority, in a world where people just don't understand. It's about the good times, and the bad, and knowing that everything is going to be okay, because you are a beautiful person. It's about not being afraid to speak your mind, just because the whole goddamn world makes you feel like you are worthless.

Green Day saves lives, in a way that is timeless and ageless. There are geriatrics and toddlers that love Green Day. There are black people, white people, hispanics, gays, homophobes, atheists, Catholics, liberals, and conservatives that love Green Day. The beautiful part about Green Day, is that their music doesn't discriminate, even when the people that listen to it do.

Green Day makes it okay to have a shitty day. They make it okay to jump up and down on your bed, because Holiday just came on the radio. They make it okay to say Dookie in a sophisticated environment. They make it okay to believe in yourself, when nobody else seems to. When you are having a horrible day, and it just feels like the whole world is conspiring against you, Green Day is always there to tell you that it is going to be okay. There's nothing wrong with you, this is how you're supposed to be.

We here on GDC are the minority. We are the 30,000+ plus people in this world brave enough to declare our independence from judgement, and hatred. We are the ones with the courage to stand up for ourselves, and for the world as a whole. We don't always agree on everything, but at the end of the day, we all believe that Green Day rules, in every possible sense of the world. People on here are beautiful, and I consider you all my family, in a way that is special to me, in my heart.

I have experienced pain, just as I am sure many of you have. In fact, I'm positive most of you have experienced pain far beyond what I have. But I have also experienced joy, and you all have contributed to that joy. While Green Day has reached out to Kyle, the young boy dying of brain cancer, my faith in the concept that the members of Green Day are the coolest motherfuckers on the planet was affirmed. It's that kind of genuine care about their fans that separates them from every other band on the planet.

Music isn't just guitar, and a bass, and a kick ass drum beat. It is the foundation of our inner peace, and the love that binds us together as the Green Day Community.

When Billie Joe wrote, "Nobody Likes you, Everyone Left you, They're all out without you, Having fun," I believe he was singing the anthem of our lives. We live in a world where nobody may give a damn, and we may have nothing but each other. But that's okay, because we have each other. There ARE people out there that care about us, if we just listen closely enough.

Thank you for indulging me. And thank you for being the coolest people I have ever met.

Rage and Love
Dylan Starks
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#4899979 Kerrang! accepting letters of support for Billie - share them here!

Posted by M1KEY on 24 September 2012 - 10:14 PM

Kerrang Magazine Tweeted the following earlier today:

Kerrang! Magazine ‏@KerrangMagazine
Want to send your support to Billie Joe Armstrong? Email your letters/drawings/pics to feedback@kerrang.com for inclusion in next weeks mag!

Since the vast majority of submissions will not end up in the magazine, please share your submission with everyone here if you would like!

The following is what I wrote...


In my life I have countless things to thank you for. First off, you changed my life in 1994 when I heard Basket Case and When I Come Around on the radio, Green Day opened my eyes to a whole new genre of incredible music... music that was open and accepting and helped a young gay teen like me feel like I wasn't alone. You inspired that kid to learn to play guitar and sing. You pulled that man on stage to sing Longview (and dry hump) in 2009, and in 2011 you chatted with that man at a party in New York City. Those are just a few reasons I am thankful for you and everything you have given me and the world.

Now, I (and everyone else) want you to know how much we love and support you as you take this difficult step in bettering yourself and your health. You are living proof that even the best of us have moments of weakness, and when you overcome this obstacle you will have once again inspired and given hope to countless individuals who are struggling with similar demons.

All My Lovin',

Michael Aaron Keith

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#5464483 GDA Emails: A Dramatic Reading

Posted by Andres on 02 October 2013 - 10:21 AM

We occasionally get emails in to GDA that are ... interesting. So I've been saving them and now I'm going to read them to you.


Email 1: Green Day Jr.

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#5152796 Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone "The Road Back From Hell"

Posted by Stacie Anne on 27 February 2013 - 12:17 PM

Sorry it took so long, my fingers went numb part way through :P Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or anything, wanted to get it finished as quick as I could for you guys. :)


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#5057272 Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols takes a Dig at GD

Posted by Silent Duck on 27 December 2012 - 09:46 AM

Only reason he does this is to try and stay relevant. By highlighting the fact he spewing the same old shit, you're giving him exactly what he wants. 


The guy made adverts for butter, he's about as punk as Mariah Carey. 

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#4981234 Drama Queen leak (Vinyl false pressing)

Posted by Breakdown_EE on 08 November 2012 - 03:39 PM

Like i posted in the Dos Tread the song "Drama Queen" is on the Vinyl of Dos! (because they were printed bevore the change)

If you want to listen to it here is the video:


!!!better quality audio!!!

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#4272913 No one is allowed to say that something is "awesome as fuck" anymore

Posted by Andres on 04 January 2011 - 06:22 PM

Since we heard about the title coming out, I've seen countless people talking about something being "awesome as fuck". I'm already annoyed by it for some reason. I've gone out of my way to make sure I don't use the phrase anymore.

I love when we post anything about "Awesome As Fuck" on GDA or anywhere else, and people think they're being clever saying "that's awesome as fuck". har har. get it? they used the title to describe it. genius! ...

Maybe i'm just grumpy.
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